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Blending the Old and the New

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CAERUS was formed to bring together the best of the “old” with the opportunities brought by the “new”. Advice on Wealth Development and Personal Finance has been around for a long time. That longevity is proof of both the need for Advice and, overall, the value it has brought to the Consumer. At the same time, changes in Regulation, market forces and technology presented the Founders of CAERUS with an opportunity to set Advice in a new context, one that we believe is better for Clients.

That new context allowed the Founders of CAERUS to bring the “manufacturing” of Investment Funds much closer to “Advice”. As a result, the immense knowledge and consumer-centricity of Advisers can be harnessed to influence the design of Funds and Portfolios. Advisers within CAERUS Firms work within a framework that is built on quality and places the Client at the heart of what they do.

CAERUS uses state of the art technology and is structured via subsidiary companies, to retain control of all the important aspects of the “value chain”. This means it can offer fairly priced propositions with the extra reassurance that the chosen solutions will do what the Client expects them to do.

CAERUS, embracing the Spirit of Opportunity.

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