I'd like to be a CAERUS Adviser

Horses for Courses

First and foremost, thank you for showing an interest in CAERUS.

We are not a conventional Adviser network. Whilst the differences between others and us are very much to the liking of our existing Advisers, we are not every one’s cup of tea.

To be successful and happy in CAERUS, an Adviser needs to be aspirational and independently minded. He or she needs to believe that the “Client is King” and must be dedicated to serving their Clients’ interests. A CAERUS Adviser can be a generalist but an understanding of Investment, the engine which powers all Wealth Development, is essential.

Our Advisers are business people who understand that the provision of a long term, competitive service to Clients does require them to operate their own businesses effectively and profitably.

A CAERUS Adviser, whilst celebrating the freedoms associated with being an entrepreneur, accepts that, by engaging with other like-minded professionals, he or she can do more for his or her Clients and, thereby, achieve more for himself or herself. Our Advisers are that very special kind of entrepreneur who sees the value of partnership. Finally, CAERUS Advisers place emphasis on building up capital – both through their own Firm/Practice and via equity participation in CAERUS.

CAERUS, embracing the Spirit of Opportunity.

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